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Saturday, September 03, 2005

meaningfull post

Hello everyone I’ve got a few things to talk about so anyways…. First off the Chrysler is totaled due to a semi truck ramming my mother in the ass (excuse the gross sexual implication on that but if you see the car you will understand). So no more Chrysler, as far as getting a new car is concerned we are not sure what to get, I was thinking about a phaeton for awhile until gas prices were $3.25 for regular and the phaeton has a 24 gallon tank and requires premium (that’s about $84/week) so probably isn’t going to happen. So I'm looking into the BMW 5 series, going to go check it out today. Next issue on the chopping block: I'm finally moving out of the house, tomorrow and Monday to be exact, hopefully wont have to commute past early next week- got a nice place needs a few things but its 1000 times better then the old place. Speaking of that Slutty called me yesterday saying she is 7 months pregnant w/ AIDS so when I hear shit like that it reminds me of two things, first off being single has its perks like the statistical unlikelihood of not having AIDS or worse getting someone pregnant and secondly karma is a real bitch. Lastly in regards to the hurricane: from my understanding New Orleans is fucked, it sucks because I now have no place to go for Halloween other then shitty Madison. But moreover Mike Malloy pointed out tonight that all these religious rightwing organizations who claim to be so concerned about people are not doing anything to help the two bastards I want to point out are James Dobson and Pat Robertson. Both of these hypocritical bastards claim to want to help and they have a donation site set up. What the fuck is money going to do for people who don’t have water to drink. You assholes want to do something to help, open your many houses, jets, busses and whatever else you have for the now homeless, and tell the people that would follow you to the ends of the earth to do the same. The only reason these old fucks want money is so they can skim a little off the top to pay for their $60,000 shower curtain. I'm not offering my help but then on the other hand I'm not exactly claiming I want to help people, I'm helping them every day I go to work. I'm sure there’s more but I need to get to bed…night all