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Saturday, July 09, 2005

At Long Last

OK I finally said fuck everything and decided to finally write a new post since its long, long over due- going to address a lot of different things as importance and as I think of them. The catalyst for me writing this is when James called me the other day (probably a week or two now) but regardless he told me Peter found his half life game around the house and was going to give it back. Paul, give me my fucking DVD back, and if you broke it give me money so I can replace it. Since me telling you this means absolutely nothing to you I will say something you do care about. You claim to be a Christian (fundamentalist from what I can see but that aside) and if that’s true there are certain things from the bible you follow like the 10 commandments. Now I know its been awhile since I read the bible but I seem to remember that one of the commandments was thou shall not steal. Now for about a year you didn’t steal it, you were just borrowing it but since you really don’t give a shit about friendship I am taking it to stealing. And I'm not just saying this to pull at your religious strings (best phrasing I can think as opposed to heartstrings) I actually took the time to talk to a preacher and his interpretation to this was yes this is stealing. So just wrap it up, put my address on it (obviously you have the address since you took several months to find it by asking everyone but me) and mail it, or give it to Peter to give to James to give to me, or whatever. Or else you are just another Christian hypocrite which fuels the source of hate for James and myself. As long as I am on the subject of hypocrisy I might as well get into the fact that I have started listening to a Madison radio station called The Mic 92.1 which is obviously very liberal but its made me come to a few realizations. First Janeane Garafalo has to be the hottest woman in America for two reasons first I think she is physically attractive but more importantly holy crap I have never heard anyone so liberal- its one of those things you actually have to listen to in order to fully understand. So I would have to say discovering this was a very good thing, being surround by the proletariat workers that don’t give a shit about politics people still do. But I digress to my one political statement of this post: since I know quite a few people that voted for the stupid dumbass in November (Stupid, James White, Jason, Paul, Hannah, Steve motherfucker, and FUP to name a few) I propose regardless of the reason you voted for him whether you would rather see a fetus live as opposed to a productive member of society or if you just plain don’t like boys fucking boys you voted for him so you have to support what he dose to some extent so I propose that every person who voted for him enlist to go war, its war, its your values you are trying to mandate so lets see you actually live up to your vote Jason you like FPS games, here is your chance do it in real life, only when you die you don’t get X number of lives. Paul, wouldn’t you love to know you helped some heathen infidel learn the infinite love of Jesus from the barrel of a gun? And to everyone else just think you would actually be able to die for a cause you lived for, and in the end isn’t that the most important thing. On that note I have a strong feeling there is going to be a draft between late 2006 and mid 2008, I do not plan on going to Iraq to fight for oil ideally I plan on going to Germany or Thailand, however if these are not able to be done I will settle with Canada. But if everything fails and am not able to do any of this I plan on going to Washington DC, walk up to the capital or Whitehouse, pouring gas over myself and lighting myself on fire. The reason for this is even after 40 years since the Vietnam war started you would be heart pressed to find a modern history textbook that doesn't mention the monk that did the same in Vietnam. I guess what I am saying is if I'm going to die I want to be remembered by my name and not by a dog tag identification or on a wall with another million names identical to mine, but of course not before taking lots of loans and going deep into debt and spending it all on booze, drugs and hookers- hell it’s the type of shit they make mini series after. One last thing then enough of politics (I'm listening to Al Frankin at the moment what do you expect) got www.barrelsofblood.com great website. To address Andera with regard to your post from when I'm not sure I realize you are not intending to drive salt in my wound however when the only thing you ever asked for advise for was in regards to James, when you saw my situation how was I supposed to take it. Regardless I am glad you confide in me with issues you have with James but it seems at times you are disillusioned with what state my life is in, which is something is something an advisee must always consider. Yes I should be more open with emotions but that is one of those things where its easier said then done. And as far as trying to have my friends help me, you have to remember where I'm coming from, every day I am surrounded by single mothers who dropped out of high school and haven’t learned anything other then how to drink and drive and cheat the welfare system. While in contrast I see you, James (both Whitemore and White), Jason, and TJ…. around people who are halfway educated and able to talk about things other then how many DUIs they have. While I admit things have gotten marginally better since college students have started working there, at least 5 of the decent ones have already quit to do other things. Though the real issue is having to live in Burlington while working in Whitewater- hopefully I will be able to go back to Whitewater but at this point who knows. Whytey’s “source” is having shortcomings and I am not sure if it will lead to disappointment, but historically I am sure it will. Which puts me back at the beginning. But regardless I have been working this for awhile now so I’ll put in a few more things and go to bed. The Fourth of July was cool however I was kind of pissed that all of Kelli’s friends (about 12 total I would say) took about 75% of the roman candles and didn’t contribute any money what so ever, in addition thanking Kelli for them, (what a shock, I was not mentioned). Next year I am passing a collection plate around and anyone who doesn't contribute money doesn't use them (Bill contributing 150$ for himself, his wife and Kelli) which is fine but to assume he contributed that for 13 people is a little insane. Next year I am calling Kelli in June and telling her if her friends don’t put in money they don’t use shit. I will give Laura some credit for bring some things but apparently Jon was being an asshole to James, and JaY-RoD I wouldn’t know because I don’t pay attention to dead people but whatever. Lastly in the World of Warcraft I am level 57 and my current hopes are that I will end up being 60 by the time everyone goes back to school. I started doing raids, so far I have done Stratholme and Blackrock Depths, hopefully I will have done more but depends on groups. I would like the do Scholomance but again depends on what I can get as far as groups are concerned, well its 3:05 in the morning and I have to be up at 8:30 to get ready for work so Going to bed, Until I get time again.