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Sunday, May 15, 2005


well this weekend wasnt an actual vacation but i was away from bitch since thursday night and it was so incredibaly relaxing i cant begin to describe it. Then i went home and ofcourse bitch was pissed that i wasnt home on friday after work much less sunday afternoon- ignorning the fact that she knew i was going to be gone but i dont give a shit. Plus i think she dosent like dwayne solely based on his sexuality, again ignoring her own personal hypocracies. she said she was going to refuse to cook me dinner and i said i she does that i will be leaving and woulnt be back. I dont think she beleaves me and wants me to live at home till i'm 30 or 40 when she dies which isnt going to happen. As of right now my goal is moving out of the house in august, after i get my raise at work i will be able to see what is fiezeable and whats not. but the moral of the story is: good weekend gaming, bitch tried to ruin it, i wont let her and i'm not living at home much longer.


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