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Monday, May 09, 2005

high standards

OK its been awhile since I have posted so I figure its time again: so as 90% of the people who read this blog know I finally met someone who was interested in me at work but she as a few problems which I cannot over look for starters she is 22 years old and has 2 children one 4 and the other 8 which violates one of the maxims I set up for myself. If you didn’t know I set up several rules I am trying to abide by in my course of trying to find someone to date namely first they do not have children second they are not deeply religious and lastly they are not stupid as in I can actually have an intelligent conversation with them. So aside from the children we talked briefly about sex and she said “I lost count how many guys I fucked after 250”. So while this may have boosted my self esteem slightly I don’t intend to pursue anything further. While I had some sort of hope another person would fall through the cracks of this company it is seeming less and less likely and with a turnover rating of 85+% it seems irrelevant. But regardless of all of this it has lead me to the question are my standards too high and should I settle for something that is worthy of the Jerry Springer show. I have been single for almost 11 months now and while I haven’t made strong attempts to change this situation as I have written and said so many times before I am not exactly sure how to change this situation. Although Andera said in WOW a few weeks ago something I have been turning over in my head for awhile that went to the effect of is it too much to ask for a guy with certain qualifications that were not at all outlandish I would quote but don’t remember exactly what was said. However I do recall I intern said is it too much for me to ask for a girl with certain qualities (I think the qualities I said were something like loving enough not to cheat on me when I go to work or something really simple like that and she never responded which leads me to think my standards are too high. Want to get your opinions on this


Blogger Andrea said...

I am not sure which convo you are talking about,

but i wouldn;t consider your standards to high,
rather the things in your life right now are not conduceve to finding the right kind of gf.

you cant raelly emet a good girl at the factory your working at, from the type of people at are there and the high turnover rates,

you can't really meet somone when you hang out with us because all we do is go to Milwaukee pc where the population is 99% tiny male childern.

you raelly can't meet someone eating out because it is not really acceptable to flirit with a waitress and ask her out, more likely then a yes answer you will end up with a slap in the face for very obvious reasons.

you can't really meet somone playing WoWc because again most of them are males, and if there was a female I bet they live very far away, and trust me the whole online realtionship thing/idea sucks.

So with spending no time anywhere you can find a gf, of course no matter what you won't find one.

i see the situation getting better though if and when you move in with Whitey.
so cheer up,

May 11, 2005 at 12:25 PM  
Blogger Railside said...

I realize everything you are saying is true however there are two points that I must also bring up first is who knows with Whytey if we will move in togeather. If it happens great but must also prepare for the possability of it not happening. The second is with your entire post is I already know that and I dont know what to do differently.

May 15, 2005 at 8:42 PM  

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