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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Anti-Christian America or Anti-Semetic America?

Heres afew facts i want to get people's opinion on;
1. the united states has went to war with governments that do not allow free and open elections by their citizens: IE Iraq, Grenada, El Salvador, ect
2. the united states has instituted unreasonable terrifs on organizations that are under these courrupt regimes farmers of Cuba and Rice farmers of Vietnam come to mind
3. the catholic church's recent election of its head ie the pope was a closed election that not even all of the cardnals could participate in much less the billion or so catholics around the world
4. the pope elect, in his youth attended a nazi based school in Germany and by attandence became a part of the nazi party
5. nazis hate jews
6. the united states did nothing to block the election of the nazi pope whether it be economic sanctions or invasion of vatican city or Italy who may or may not be still a nazi
7. the united states has backed isreal blindly for many years and will most likely continue to do so.
Conclusions: the united states is backing one country whose population is hated by the head of another organization this country has a soft spot for
In other Words: this is the russians in Afganistan all over again only we are arming the isralies.
The Flaw: Islam is enemies of christians and jews and they will not go away in the blink of an eye.
The End: there will be an all out holy war between the 3 major religions.
The Winner: will be the Americans because god loves rapists, murders, thieves, and americans


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