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Sunday, March 20, 2005


OK everything in this post is going to be in reguards to paul so since I don’t have a lot of time lets go down the list one at a time of things that need to be discussed:

  1. the ushering thing for starters: I don’t know whether I should have been honored or insulted that you chose me as a last resort since everyone else canceled on you but that’s not the point anymore. Now the point is you basically invited me to be your usher and then decided I wasn’t good enough or something and uninvited me, because of two couples in love bullshit. Whatever I really don’t care its just fucking rude, inconsiderate, and low class to invite me to do something then casually uninvited me because of whatever dumbass reason. It really doesn't matter because I am going to be working then anyways- and don’t say I'm bitching for nothing because I was contemplating quitting my job for the occasion. And as for why I didn’t comment before now- usually weddings are a serious affair and I thought something of that caliber should be discussed in person- not that it matters now.
  2. as for the you never calling thing guess what when I wrote that you called James saying “what’s Ralph’s problem with me” because the two of us are the same person, and he really knows what’s going through my head at all times. In fact you never called me about it at all rather you sent me a series of text msges saying some crap like “I call everyone and no one cares why should you be any different” Yes you call everyone because you have called me (excluding last night) since September that’s why I ranted then about you never calling and now. So you get on the being a bad friend kick and apologizing for it- but never doing anything about it, to feel sincerely regretful one takes actions to change their behavior- not perpetuate it.
  3. With respect to last night it seems to be a series of miscommunications: everyone got screwed last night, I thought I said I was going to call you when we got to the bowling alley but I don’t remember now.
  4. In regards to next weekend Sun. 12:15 AM inviting you to forum or webs (forum has better food and waiters), also inviting you to MPC between 8:00 ish and 9:00 ish) I will call you to let you know on sat.
  5. if you want to get a hold of me during the week best way is through tmail or through WOW can take phone calls between 2:30 and 3:20, 9:30 and 9:55 and midnight-3AM
  6. I cannot speak for others but the reason I haven’t responded to your bachelor’s party is on my last check I took home 276$ for the entire week, about 50 went to gas, another 30 went to food and the rest I have to save. In short I cant afford that type of bachelor party- if you wanna get a case of whiskey, and a few strippers maybe it would be more affordable. But if anyone is willing to drive the long painful grueling 20 mns (sarcasm) I would still be interested in hosting a LAN party.


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