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Friday, March 11, 2005

Extra time

Well the server crashed afew mns ago and i'm not quite tired so i'm not sure how far this post is going to go so take what you will ignore the rest. So today at work i really noticed the significant difference in social class i have with alot of my co workers. For instance the only person i know that has ever tried crack before is slutty as opposed to my adam whose a good 85% of his friends have ether done it, currently addicted or formerly addicted to it- not sure if this is class really since there are drug problems everywhere in society. one thing that i do know is a class difference is how we feel the government should help others. right now i'm going under the logic: the government didnt knock up girl x 5 times (yes the person we were talking about has 5 different kids from 5 different guys) why should the government (our tax dollars) be forced to pay for their screw up. at which point he began to tell me how it takes a village to raise a child but the seccond i bring up abortion the idology "they made teh mistake they should be responsible enough to deal with it" it seems like alot of the prolatariet class wants to exist in an economicly liberal social conservative enviroment based off of that and most fundimentalist conservatives want dule conservativeism, i just wonder how much longer its goiing to take people to realize the way to fixing this country is by having liberal social, conservative economic issues......if you get pregnet to recieve another wellfair check your next pregnancy should have a one way trip to the planned parenthood clinic.
next issue i need to rant about: so the other day jehovias witness came to my door again wanting to speak to me since i am the one who engaged them in a way that was niether agreeing, nor negative nor submissive....maybe condisending is the key word...but reguardless of that tonight on milton rosenberg they were talking about this "religion" and its beliefs in blood basically long story short they refuse to get blood transfussions for some holy bullshit reason, some kid died because of it and people are pissed in CA i think.....i say if they dont want to give their children (who have been in accidents) blood, they should have to watch their children (with their eyes open in a clockwork orange style apparatis) bleed to death and see who long they decide to say modern medicne is the devils tool but i'm really tired and i'm really pissed so maybe nothing i said makes sence other then the server is down but reguardless i'm going to bed


Blogger Andrea said...

Ok I respect your veiws that the women that got knocked up 5 times by 5 different people is stu[id and the government should not reward such behavior,
But I must disagree on that logic because the childern are "innocent" and have not done such stupid acts yet so do not dersve to starve to death to pay for their mother's mistakes in life.

If tax dollars are used for the sake of her childern and not drugs, I am all for it.
If they aren't the childern should be taken away and found proper homes.
I do not trust government and politicans to make such indiviual judgements but I have no choice in the matter.

March 17, 2005 at 2:04 PM  

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