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Thursday, January 27, 2005


well i see a small light and its ether a ray of sunlight or a train, not sure which now

dreams are becoming stranger: me buying a 350Z, andera being pregnet with jason's children and whytey being tortured by vikings....should be interestiing what tonight briings

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Thats right I have finally found the time to make a new post: between my obligation (work) and my obsession (world of warcraft) i have been able to make time for little else. So lets start as far back as significant things occoured: Christmas sucked ass, or should i say sucked shit, after playing WOW till 5 AM my mother woke me up on the xmas morning (8:30)to say "the cat crapped her pants" now not being the most cohearent at this poiint in time i still managed to put togeather the realization that cats do NOT wear pants. after attempting to ignore this my mother came back 15 mns later only to tell me i had to hold down the cat while she cut the crap out of its fur- that was real fun, espically the smell: take your average cat box, multiply the smell times 100 and that was about what i got to experence. The best part though is my day kept on goinig down from there: after that i completely forgot my computer at home because i was half asleep when we left for my grandmother's house- not being able to sleep hardly at all iin the car because stupid had some stupid football game on i was expecting to be able to have a nice xmas dinner and take a long nap but once again i got fucked in the ass (and not in that nice way but we'll get to that later). we go to my uncles and have the "dinner" there. Now i dont know about the majority of 1st world nations but i am accustom to having a formal holiday dinner with a decent meal, once again didnt happen: our meal consisted of turkey, very very dry turkey, potato chips sprawlmart brand, why bother going for luxuarys like name brand chips, and a pasta dish that was cold and stuck togeather badly, and come to think of it thats it other then drinks (choices were unsuitened ice tea, dite rite products (again top quality shit) and coffee- i oppted for luke warm tap water). as for my uncle's place basiclaly no one spoke to me, or my mother, or stupid unless we addressed them so it was very warm and welcoming. Now its time for presents i got my mother a bottle of creed perfume (150$) a bottle and ordered stupid a burberry golf glove. waiting on what they got me, my mother said "didnt know what to buy me" which is understandable because i am a hard person to shop for. stupid said he got me breaks for my car and a new radiator which pisses the fuck out of me because he agreeded to pay for the expenses for the car, and he just didnt want to take the time or the money to do anything- it took me a total of 15 mns to get on the phone to nm to cancel his gift the next day. then there was afew days where nothing of signfiicance happened. and finally it was new years: and i was provided with 3 choices: ether A. goto paul's party which would basically be a couples party which unfortuniately includs jon and laura: i have no real issues with laura other then the fact she is one of the dumbest people on the face of the earth, and jon lets be honest with each other he never hated me untill i ripped on his obseasion with sports. but Jon in the extremely unlikelyhood you do read this i'll make you a deal: when laura finally realizes what an overprotective, chovanist male pig you are and dumps your sorry ass i'll buy you the anti freeze. so needless to say i did not attand paul's party. The next option was andera's: which the only reason i was invited was out of sympathy, at least initally because look at the facts when andera says for quite along time every new years her and her sisters and their boyfriends get togeather and hang out then all of a sudden i am invited the pathetic loser who cant (or more accurately dosent have the time) to get a girlfriend am invited if that dosent seem like an invite of sympathy i have no idea what does, esp. considering eric agreeded with me on that. however after learning there were going ot be a significant number of people there i opted to go and it was ok- even though the people i knew were few and far between and the girls that were there were taken (which always make me feel warm and gooie inside)- but all and all it wasnt too bad. the 3rd option was goto vegas or sanfran but since the cheepest plane tickets were over 600 i decided to go aganist that one. and that brings us upto working. I dont mind working, i really dont however when going between WW and burlington is 45 mns each way it becomes a little more then tedious which is why andera i hope you are still considering the apt thing over the summer. but the worst part of everything is because of the added commute time i no longer have contact with any of my friends for the most part: when i have to leave at 1:30 (max) to be there on time (piss time included in that) and get home between 12:50 and 1:15 most of the people i know are offline and sleeping in bed- however i will give andera credit for being on the wow server quite abit. But the part of all of this that has the deepest longterm impact on everything is i am slowly (or quickly depending on the day) loosing the will to live. its getting to the point where i'm thinking to myself not how much longer will i be at this, as much as it is how much longer till i cant take it anymore and end it all. on that note i'm going to try the wow server again (was down) and goto bed

will try to update more often