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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


well for the few of you who do not know yet i now work full time at generac: the hours are as of now 6 AM till 2:30 and as of jan. 3rd they goto 2:30 (or 3:30) till midnight that pays more money which will be nice. although my mexican trainer apparently dosent know english the best because apparently all trainers were told to let their trainees work by themselves after the lunch hour however she confused that with before the lunch hour. so i was getting my ass kicked- oh well time to go see of wcoc is working....i would post the war stats but no one really cares and since there are only 2 or 3 people who read this i suppose it wont do any good anyways

Sunday, December 12, 2004

glory in the defete of others

finally after all this time you are getting what you diserve i fucking hate you for the shit you did to me and it would give me no more pleasure then to watch your death, however that it a close second to know you are alone, suffering, and kliinging to life by hope that is quickly fadeing. it makes the depression, the attempts of suicide, the crying, and everything else worth wild just to see you in this agony. i only hope that the remainder of your days are the most misrible, horrible, and painful ones you will ever have. also when i know for a fact you are dead i will be making a clame to your estate in order to reenburse the money you unjustly stole from me. i only wish i was there to taste your tears and to drive salt in to the cuts on your wrists....maybe i'm getting a little ahead of myself on the last one but i can fantasize

as of 12/12/04 8:37
19,838,689 children
89,689,890 children
2,595,742 teachers
7,261,109 students
1,348,648 houses
6 years years
14 years years
49 years years

Thursday, December 09, 2004


well the guitar player for panterra was killed the other day- i heard him in concert at ozzfest which was cool along with the lead singer Phil somthing or other. it kinda suks that he is dead but i suppose he has been dead to me since pantera broke up. purging didnt go as well as yesterday but thats probally because i had to drive home right after eating dinner and have the proper chance to- if i really tried hard i'm sure i could get some out but i dont feel like buring my throat- maybe tomorrw.

19,773,390 children
89,394,685 children
2,587,200 teachers
7,237,212 students
1,344,210 houses
6 years
14 years
49 years

binge purge binge purge

thats right a great thing has happened- i am finally developing the early stages of bulima. i'm sure this is going to sound shocking to alot of people but i wanted this for quite awhile, since most everyone are shallow cunts as andera pointed out in our conversation last night and are only concerned with physica appearence. i attepted to diet but failed, attempted exercize but was unsuccessful, so i am attempting some more unconventional methods. i have been contomplating this for awhile and have been starting slow with just attempting to caugh whatever i eat and that has been working well- i havent started using any diuretics or laxaitves yet but i this contiue to goes as well as it has i may start that in afew weeks or so. i made the final decission when i realized that eating filled am emotional void in my life- namely the void that was not there when i was with someone. so this will make me healthier by loosing weight in addition when i loose weight i will have a greater chance of not being alone (YEAY). is this a last ditch effort caused by desperation: no that will come if this failes (i'll give it till may to see what results there are) and i go to drug dealers to buy coke and speed and even then if that dosent work i'll have some sort of insurance and i'll just get surgrary. is it conformist: i want to say no only because a conformist would do somthing more like continue to try conventional ideas of dite and exercize and would be "thinking thin" (little requiem for a dream refrence for the few of you have seen it). But is it one more step closer to the brink of insanity: you bet your sweet ass it is but better taking one step now then 3 later. and if anyone has an eating disorder, reads this and gets offended- tough shit you try goiong to Dolce & Gobbana only to discover nothinig comes in your size. if you wanna help lemme know some of the things you did to maintain you disorders because everyone knows i am a lazy bastard and unless i see results nothing will come of this. also to help out i got a full time job at generac today: the first day of training starts on monday, and i know working full time i will not eat as much because i will be working 40+ hours a week and will not have the time. also with this since i will be working in ww i have decided to contomplate moving back to ww, assuming i can get an apt with ether andera (most likely), whytey (possible but doubtful), and or james (not a snowballs chance in hell). but reguardless all of the above will be good.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


thats right people theres goinig to be another draft- dispite what bush 2 may have said no draft is no new taxes 2.0 consider these few things:
1. a document from the cia says the war will still be going on in 5 years
2. that same document says there will still be a military presence in 10 years
3. the government is beginning to greatly tighten the borders with canada in the interest of "national security" ie fewer canadians can come to the us and fewer americans can goto canada.
if thats not the sign of the gov trying to seal a loophole from vietnam i dont know what is. but they have overlooked one avenue completely. and those of you who voted for bush i say go to war, go die for your president and all the false promises he stands for and let me stay here to earn your money and condem the man who killed you

Monday, December 06, 2004

Change for the best

OH my friends i was lead astray by the evil liberals but now i see the light, i see that only through ultra conservativeism will america go forward. Now here is my 4 step plan to make america go forward:
1. the complete and total privitization of all social security: why should we let the government mishandel our money and plan for our future when we can do it ourselves: if your're too dumb to invest yourself then you dont diserve to live long or go to a financial advisor and have them do it. with people like bush in power we cannot trust our futures on someone who think the plural of pigs is sheep. we can make more money ourselves then the government will ever make for us.
2. require proficancy in a financial education class in high school- i was shocked to discover the vast majority of high schools do not have an economics or investment classes. if we make them manditoary we will have a populus that knows what they are doing and will end up making more money.
3. require that everyone that makes over 1000$ a year establash an IRA. first 1000/year is not much money per year- spairing afew hundread (even 100, hell even 50) since there is no minimum investment in an IRA. If someone started working at age 16, invested the maximum every year they woul be able to retire by 50 worth millions.
4. make health care free and open to everyone with all the money used to subsdize social security as well as the 148 billion or so used for the campaing aganist US domination commonly known as the war on terror.
5. along with this make all colleges both public and private free to anyone who wishes to attend, education is one of the keys to advancement, coupled with privitization of social security these would go along way to eliminating the wealth gap that many of the prolotariets in society conviently ignore because they have their sports and their religion (argueabily one in the same) to fall back upon.
and for you social conservatives out there i have these two things for you to ponder: in reguards to abortion: one of the main reasos for abortion is financial instability: with my plan we woulnt need to make abortion illegal because more people would be wealthy and they would decide to keep the children. and as far as the whole gay marriage thing goes: marriage is a secular concept in and of itsself, the government adopted it for statistical reasons. the difference between a marriage and a civil union is a word. bearing this in mind i say ban not just gay marriage but abolish the enter marriage concept and leave it to secular institutions, let them decide who gets married and who dosent- espically since the constitution says there is a seperation from church and state. but you are fighting over symmantics- nothing more then ketcup or catsup- leave the sancity of marriage in the church were it belongs.
As far as the war on terror goes: stop supporting isreal and the terrorists will stop hating us: if they want to have a war with the jews good for them. dispite what the majority of civilized society thinks- just because we do not back isreal competely that does not make us anti semetic, nor does that make us Nazi's- it makes us keep our noses in our own business.
the last thing i would like to discuss as a conservaitve is the other driving issue of terrorism: that being the patrolium industary: if we declair a financial war aganist OPEC we will win the physical war on terrorism.
this probally isnt the conservativeism you were expecting but oh well fuck it

as of 12/6/04 at 7:20 PM
19,706,623 children
89,092,845 children
2,578,463 teachers
7,212,774 students
1,33,670 houses
6 years
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49 years

Thursday, December 02, 2004


just two things: first due to a screw up in my company i am now getting double pay (yes that is 18$/hour) no complaints here on that one considering now i am with out any doubt making more money (per hour at least) then everyone i know (excluding brian who proball makes about 500$/hour) and afew otherse. next i got two more plates that i need for my office by driving to deer park. now tomorrow i have to goto highland park to get the last 3. oh well gets me out of the house. then bitch (mother(alternates depending on circumstances)) said if i want to replace the door knob in my office i have to replace everyone in the house even A. the brass is warn off of them all, B. none of them lock and C. they are all 30+ years old but i suppose she has a point in it looking abit strange- oh well have to see how many i would need to replace and how much it would cost if i can do it under 75$ i'll do it otherwise fuck it. thats like 5 or 6 knobs....time will tell

as of 12/2/04 6:57
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2,567,002 teachers
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1,333,715 houses
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