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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


well if today taught me anything its that the last remaining thing of summer is gone namely ken jennings is gone and there was a blizard. i have commented on this before but here it goes again: i dont know if this summer was good or bad....no i am not going to live in the past i would rather kill myself then do that...worst part of all was i knew he was going to be gone at the beginning of the season
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things i have learned

First off right now it is 4:44 in the morning, stupid wakes up in 16 mns and will probally be complaining about how i am not sleeping, anyways i am not tired at all so this is kill some time to make me tired: things i have learned:
1. if you want anything done you have to do it yourself or you are forced to constantly hound or threaten them.
2. sleep is for the week and the old: not even being tired off of 6 hours of sleep the previous night and staying up till who knows when shows no one really needs sleep if they have nothing important to do.
3. this one isto andera who for some reason questions my hetrosexuality: ever since mayfair i have been analyzing why am i straight and not gay or bi and it comes down to this i purely and simpaly do not find men attractive, at all with some guys that are supposed to be "hot" to me it seems like evolution just left them behind and the male sex for that matter too. If one would prefer to analyze it from a eugenical perspective the top of the cranimum seems to dilate on average 15% more in males then females. so it seems illogical to assume i'm gay. the closest thing i would go for is metrosexual/goth/insane/nihilist....more the latter two then the former two
4. next time i play with battaries i plan on using somthing a hell of alot better then 18 gauge wire and have to read more about blowing up a car battary. hopefully my implaments of distruction will still be there on wed.
5. i should have a more then sufficent system for upgrading , wish i could win the lottary so i could get the quad processor 20K dream computer: where i can have one monitor running half life 2 the 2nd monitor running doom 3 and the 3rd running halo 2 (ignoring the fact halo2 is about as unpressive (not a typeo) as Unreal 2003.
but along with this computer thing its amazing how far technology has gone: i have had my hotmail account for a little over 9 years, i will have had my first computer (that was primarily my computer) for 10 years in june and now i'm dusting it off to give it a massive upgrade more for retro purpoises. and to get the look on jason's face when he sees i am running hl2 on a computer that looks like it by rites belongs in the smithsonian.
6. i am the only person in the world who has the balls to say what others think: the situation with jon: james and zach didnt have the balls to say what i did and screw the rest of the examples because they are all the same: no one has the balls to tell the truth.....i need my own television show combine opera with jerry springer and you have the RalPH show only i'm the one who does the yelling and every other show i have a heat attack.
7. (lastly) i have an exact date and time planned for the events discussed at KFC to occour unless i make them not happen (if you have no idea what i'm talking about- thats probally for the best if you do, you should know your ability to become practive is becoming more and more impotant as time goes on)
screw this time to take some drugs and watch aquateen

Saturday, November 27, 2004



Stupid's stupidity

Ok for those of you who defend stupid (namely eric, but i am sure there are others) stupid just professed this beleif to me (in a manner that was not joking in any way shape or form): even though last week he had a cold and was caughing and sneezing then i some how gave him the cold completely ignoring the fact i didnt experence symptoms untill last night. "you gave your cold to me then you caught it again".....if you need any more evidence that this man is stupid perhaps you arnt the smartest person around.....

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Friday, November 26, 2004

day after thanksgiving

most people rite about thanksgiving, but personally i prefer the day after thanks giving because i get to return to my sanctuary of my office. the holiday itsself was.....ok on the bright side i was able to watch aquateen on my uncle's 75" screen television, on the bad side i had to be at my uncles, you see they are very catholic and by this i mean they had a 5 min. prayer before anyone could eat anything: and praying for the dumbest things ever like allowing the football team to win state, and that all of the microsopic bacteria from the turkey was killed, at least they had vodka so ralph was able to watch the room spin away. i saw my half sister for the first time since may and i have to say: she looks horrible: 1. her weight is upto 350 (thats right: i am 240ish and she is 350 ish) second she shaved her head bald- i just look at my life and no matter how pathetic my life is i always know its better then hers. but any who moving right along: on wed. i hung out at andera's house and it just further shows how screwed up my family is.....they actually have conversations with each other, thats amazing i will be so glad to get the hell out of here and have a life that is semi normal. the comb i bought yesterday is really nice, glad i bought it. damn this wireless keyboard is being annoying because some times for no reason it will act as if i hit a letter sixxxxxxxxx (that was the keyboard) or seven times on a single letter....wonder if the battaries are dieing or what, well off to lake geneva BTW james i called that place w/ the pants and they said they are having a large sail after xmas so i would say hold off till then...

as of 11/26/04 3:05 PM
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2,549,415 teachers
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14 years
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(yes i'm going to keep these stats going till the war is over (costofwar.com))

Monday, November 22, 2004

fate of hl2

well after going to bestbuy and finding out that my video card cant be upgade it took me about 30 seconds decide that i'm getting a new computer. however since the alienware and dell are both better then 8k i am going to have it built and since james volounteered he is going to be the architect behind it. assuming i can get everything under 1500$ it is going to be a pentium 4 extreme edition: 4.6 GHz, 1 gig of ram top of the line video card, already have the power supply, tower, and sound card so those are not issues. the beauty of this is i am telling my parents i am taking the intro to IT classes which involves building computers so my ww bill will be paid off entirely and i have the means to get this computer constructed over the break period. other then that andera was able to paint alot more of the room: FYI andera i think i am going to go with #1 and i was looking at what you painted on the celing and i think it would be best if you didnt touch up, allowing some bits of white to show through along with the gold textureing.....damn it sucks not having a desk, or a table or anything decent to work at.....right now i'm using an old type wrighter desk and its annoying as hell...

as of 11/22/04: 11:45 PM
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Friday, November 19, 2004

this link is fucking awsome!!!!

go here, NOW most awsome link i have seen in awhile

anyways i was driving home today from delavan and a car tried passing me in double yellow so obviously i floored it but this time somthing different happened: rather then no cars being there there was a car in the other lane and the passing car had to slam on its breaks in order to avoid a head on collision: some people would think of this to be insane: i call it a stepping stone.

I was supposed to work this morning but i broke my brain so wasnt able to- rather it has to be sunday. andera first off i hope james told you about the change in plans, if not will tell you about htem or tlak to you later tonight or tomorrow. second i spent like 45 mns looking for the right driver and couldnt find it but will still look, will show both of you whats oging on with it tomorrow

as of 11/19/2004 7:38 Central

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2,5529,983 teachers
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1,314,482 houses
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14 years
48 years

Thursday, November 18, 2004

new somthing time

well i got hl2 and i have gotten to play a total of 47 seconds of it, apparently my video card isnt directx 9 compatable even though in my propteries it says directx 9 or higher enabled when fucking stem says i need a driver update and when i download the driver it gives it for a competely different card, as does the website: so what should i do: get a new motherboard with processor and all that crap for the laptop, get that along with a new harddrive for the desk top, a solution will be reached because by Jan. 1st the streets of city 17 will run red with blood or the streets of **pick your city** will.

In other news since it has been concluded by many a person that i dont update enough i will make attempts to do so on a daily basis

heres some fun readings enjoy
http://costofwar.com/ (time to track the CONgress
19,316,519 children
87,329,188 children
2,527,420 teachers
7,069,991 students
1,313,150 houses
6 years
14 years
48 years

Thursday, November 11, 2004

will they ever trust us again?

OK now i'm not talking about my family but about the first asshole family. No not the bushes but thats a good guess, anotomically they are the first vaginular family. I'm talking abotu Colon and his group of assholes he calls his fmaily bearing the name of Powell. Colon's son was promoted to the head of the fcc in bush's first term in office (sadly enough not last). and since then the most constrictive policy has been implamented since the hays commission. I realize that we no longer see skirts taht must be at or below the patela however this is the first major step hypocritically backwards. And before you conservatives say somthing to the effect I dont want my children watching that filth on television think about this the RIAA under Powell's regime has censored numerious acts of gratiouitous sex, and numerious language loopholes however when in honor of veterians day ABC had the intentions of showing the world war 2 film Saving Private Ryan- when hearing this the FCC openly said if this occoured at the schedualed time they woudl levy fines of more then 3 billion dollars to affiliated stations. While at the same time on any evening news channel (including rebraodcasts on the PAX station) shows numerious dead bodies as well as other violence. So let me get this straight Mr. Asshole's son its ok to see Americans killing rag heads that are costing us billions of dollars but we cannot see americans killing krouts??? perhaps those who cannot see the hypocracy in this NEED A PAIR OF FUCKING GLASSES!!!!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

whats up wit that

Hey paul i have noticed a little somthing for Mr. "I'm voting for bush only because he is pro choice" it seems like you have taken a strong likeing to bush all of a sudden....what happened did bush declar an executive order to reverse roe vs wade or you actually starting to like him or am i (and james and andera just missing somthing?


so much is going on with the electing and all cuns (conservatives) rubbing it in everyone's face and with stupidgirl and the chocolate thief......and all i want to do is get back to my drilling goddamnit!!!