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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

end of slutty

well i am going on vacation in about 5 hours and by the time i get back to wisconsin slutty will have moved to madison. i'm dissapointed in the fact that i am loosing a sex toy for the most part i suppose its for the best in that the chances of me getting an std is now 0. But since beth has been out of the picture for along time and now slutty is gone I wish i knew where to go, all of you people dont to be occupied with such issues (Esp the female ones) none of you are in this position, and few can understand where i am coming from. And dispite what you all want to think i'm not just looking for a quick fuck- given i was with slutty for that end but at least it made me feel like i was with someone. Given i have friends that hate me less then my enemies but at the same time its impossible to give and recieve affection from people who are ether A. already with someone B. have no interst in being with me C. are male (the vast majority of you) or any combonations of the above. I just hope i can get through this period of my life with out killing myself or at least not sustaining a long term injury like sliting my wrists, having someone find me and being a vegitable but if that ever happes i beg someone to pull the plug or shoot me or somthing. I'm not depressed at this particular moment but you d have to be a complete moron to think that i will stay this way- remember what Voltar said about optamism "Optamism is that notorious belief that everything is right when it is actually wrong". Hopefully this vacation will take my mind off everything and i can actually relax....HA (yes that is sarcasm).


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