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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Whats there to do???

Well I go to work in about an hour and twenty mns so I figured ide write an update in my blog: well Beth and I are supposed to go see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow although I have not heard from her as of yet, I am a little worried because she normally returns my calls with in afew hours. Since I was not able to get ahold of Beth I decided to hang out with Whytey and his new perspective GF, she dosent seem too bad, like an airheaded, christian version of Anderia as scarry as that seeems. W didn't do anything productive: went to webb's after I met whytey at his job and thats about it. Today preisdent Regan died and seeing all the tv clips of the 80s made me miss those times- when I was ignorant to bad things in the world around me.. oh well its gone forever never to come back.


Blogger Andrea said...

That's why i tend not to believe in ingorance is the way to happyniess 'cause even for the most stupid people the bubble pops and puts yuo into a state far worse then if you have learned to deal with reality.

how is an airheaded religious verison of me not perfect for Whitey?


June 6, 2004 at 4:50 AM  

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