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Saturday, June 19, 2004

and now for somthing completely different

(and post #2) Well I have came to the conclusion that since Beth has not taken the time to call me in the past week, or e-mail or instant message she wants things to be over so I have came to the conclusion that if she does not take the time to call me by Sunday I'm going to end things with her if she really cared enough about being with me she would have taken the time to contact me in some way shape or form. With this I have came to the conclusion that love and these long-term relationships I try to get into suck and I need to stop doing it. So with that in mind I'm am going to try to become a different person. I need to go through my own sexual revolution I don’t want this whole relationship obligation what ever you want to call it crap I have been in. I to have my own sexual revolution: a lot of people I know have went through one: Beth had her, slutty hers, Bert is going through his now and will probably be for the next 10 years, even a religious person like Troy and James White have had theirs although for those two I doubt it was sex as intercourse. But that aside I want mine and I think I am going to start taking appropriate steps to start it. As much as I hate conforming I feel the end justifies the means so I plan on starting to work out so I can actually look physically attractive to women and who knows maybe a few men (I told you I want change and I have no idea where this is going to go- just have to try and keep an open mind), and make an attempt to become socially extroverted so my personality is more socially accepted and finally actually make a real attempt to meet new people because sitting in the damn house all day does no good for me nor what I want.


Blogger Andrea said...

All well and good but... "and make an attempt to become socially extroverted so my personality is more socially accepted"
wtf is that, not out right conformity I hope.
If you want to meet people the best way is to get out and do somthing, clubs, activityes, partyish things.
Not sure what you'd do but I am sure you can think of things.

June 19, 2004 at 5:42 AM  

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