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Monday, May 24, 2004


Now I remember why I hate summer so adimiately: i cannot get ahold of anyone and i am so board i could throw up. after trying to call 6 people none of them answered their cell. Although kent called me back basically telling me he wants his money which I dont intend to pay him I mean i drove over 400 miles in total driving his sorry ass to work and he thinks that one tank of gas can cover those expences...BULLSHIT I want to get several other people's opinion on this before i decide to tell kent this. goddamnit out of everyone on my contact list anderia is away, adam smith is watching a movie and the rest of the fuckiers online i dont even talk to anymore: David i dont have any real issues wiht him, but obviously james does, amanda why i keep that fucking whore's name on my contact list after she fucked me over is beyond me but in ether case she is on, and thats about it. Beth called me today on the phone wich was really awsome but she was sick so it makes me miss her even more for some reason, thank god on thrusday i'm going to be eating dinner with her and her parents. where the hell is everyone, i know Beth is sleeping, kent is doing his knife thing, and aside from that i have no clue where anyone is or what anyone is doing. It would be awsome if anderia or kat came online- just give them time. must find somthign to do so that i dont end up shooting myself in the head...

Monday, May 17, 2004

First Post

Well this is my first post so im expermenting to see how it works...fun eh