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Sunday, November 06, 2005

how time flies

Wow, I knew it had been awhile since I updated but an entire month and a day is insane. So much has happened in the past month its hard to remember it all. Shockingly enough mainly good news, I am as amazed as you all are. For starters I am no longer screwing bolts into things, now I'm a quality advisor- which is as I understand it the combination of an engineer and a supervisor. I’ve already played my part in fireing one of the senior testers for not doing his job right. But finally I am in a position that reflects my intelligence and education. But getting this job proves to me I am doing good at bullshiting, why you ask- because in addition to my experience and education my “positive attitude” was one of the determining factors of getting the job. Not that it shocks me very much but now that I'm no longer doing mindless labor my depression, while not gone entirely has significantly subsided. And I have finally accomplished 2/3 of the goals I had for this year: moving out of stupid and bitch’s house and getting a better job. The third of getting some sort of romantic interest has not came nor do I see it in the foreseeable future but who knows considering I didn’t anticipate getting this job until 2 or 3 Fridays ago anything can happen. The funny thing is with this new job a lot of the things that was depressing me don’t really matter. The thing that comes to mind first is the Sarah issue. For those who don’t know what the hell I am talking about I’ll paraphrase Sarah is someone I work with who claimed to be an open minded, feminist. We started talking and flirting with each other, went on a date or two and then one of my coworkers who I was sort of friends with decides he is interested in her too and she finds him a little more physically attractive decides to blow me off and become involved with him. This no longer matters because now in essence I'm their superior. Well I need to get to Mulgore so ttyl.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Birthday Bomb, Trucker Bomb....its all the same

Well my birthday came and went and blah, I was thinking about it and I realized 22 was probably one of the worst years of my life [My A key isn’t working the best so if I miss a few A’s that’s why] I lived at home with my parents where I had my mother talk to the cat more then she talked to me. I never had a girlfriend or any remotely close opportunities to get one, except for that one girl who already had 2 kids and was only 21 which makes me sick. I never had sex once which makes me miserable knowing that all my friends are ether screwing on a regular basis or have had sex with in the last year. So it seems that every birthday after 21 it gets worse and worse. Also started cutting myself regularly to try and deal with the mental pain and to top it off I gained back all the weight I lost when living alone before. Though now that I am living away from home I have set a few goals that I would like to try and follow through with by the time I turn 24. But as far as my “party” goes the one I had a few days before my actual birthday the only person I knew there was whytey, who apparently didn’t realize even though I remember telling him to have people around because I was planning on this being by birthday party. The closest thing to a birthday party was the System concert on Friday which was fun, however the excessive amount of driving I had to do was getting to me but oh well, I got a free concert ticket and a free tank of gas out of it. But the moral of the story is hopefully 23 will be a better year and the 24th party will be better. Next thing is: One thing I have been noticing within the past couple of weeks that is confusing me is that Andera is acting like I am incapable of having any emotion. So why would someone who is not capable of having emotion cut them selves or why would they want to die on such a regular basis, if one has no emotion then emotional pain wouldn’t exist, and well I'm sure the circular logic is quite obvious. I think I have more to say but I'm too tired, will post when can see straight.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

meaningfull post

Hello everyone I’ve got a few things to talk about so anyways…. First off the Chrysler is totaled due to a semi truck ramming my mother in the ass (excuse the gross sexual implication on that but if you see the car you will understand). So no more Chrysler, as far as getting a new car is concerned we are not sure what to get, I was thinking about a phaeton for awhile until gas prices were $3.25 for regular and the phaeton has a 24 gallon tank and requires premium (that’s about $84/week) so probably isn’t going to happen. So I'm looking into the BMW 5 series, going to go check it out today. Next issue on the chopping block: I'm finally moving out of the house, tomorrow and Monday to be exact, hopefully wont have to commute past early next week- got a nice place needs a few things but its 1000 times better then the old place. Speaking of that Slutty called me yesterday saying she is 7 months pregnant w/ AIDS so when I hear shit like that it reminds me of two things, first off being single has its perks like the statistical unlikelihood of not having AIDS or worse getting someone pregnant and secondly karma is a real bitch. Lastly in regards to the hurricane: from my understanding New Orleans is fucked, it sucks because I now have no place to go for Halloween other then shitty Madison. But moreover Mike Malloy pointed out tonight that all these religious rightwing organizations who claim to be so concerned about people are not doing anything to help the two bastards I want to point out are James Dobson and Pat Robertson. Both of these hypocritical bastards claim to want to help and they have a donation site set up. What the fuck is money going to do for people who don’t have water to drink. You assholes want to do something to help, open your many houses, jets, busses and whatever else you have for the now homeless, and tell the people that would follow you to the ends of the earth to do the same. The only reason these old fucks want money is so they can skim a little off the top to pay for their $60,000 shower curtain. I'm not offering my help but then on the other hand I'm not exactly claiming I want to help people, I'm helping them every day I go to work. I'm sure there’s more but I need to get to bed…night all

Friday, August 26, 2005

what will the murdious bastads do next

OK i'm going to write all i can in 10 mns: for those of you who dont know yet the christian televangilist Pat Robertson (which is probally most of you) the otherday he advocated assassinating the democratically elected preisdent of Venesualia (excuse the shitty spelling but i gotta get up early tomorrow) as long as the oil still flowed alright ya know what fuck it, i'm too pissed to write, the more i see whats done in the name of this religion the more pissed i am so instead i'm going to tell my version of the aristocrats story which i am hoping is the most offensive version EVER (yes it is better heard then read so bear with me)

A father and daughter who is about twelve years old walk into a telleant agents office and say they have an idea for a new show, the tellent agent that he isnt really into family things, being too clean however after 10 minutes of begging he finally agrees to see what they have to offer. At which point classical music is being qewed up on a cd player and the daughter springs to her legs, taking her jacket off revealing a gymnastics uniform. whihle the daughter is engaging in the splits the father grabs the daughter's inner thigh and begins to slip his hand into her crotch. imediately the daughter looks disturbed and tells her dad to stop it but he continues untill she screems if he dosent stop she will cry rape. The Father replies by its not rape if its dead, followed by slamming her head into the hard tile flooring at which point brain matter shoots out on the floor, the daughter is obviously dead, as evident by loosing control of her colon and shit and blood covers the dancing uniform. While taking his pants off the father says now its time for the real show, ripping off her clothing he grabs as much grey matter, shit, and piss as he can and putting it in her lifeless corsp. After making out for abotu a minute he pulls her overobsorbed tampon from her snatch and begins fucking her, as he is building up for climax he pulls out, sticks the used tampon in her mouth and fanally shoots his load into her now blue face. Lastly he sucks as much of this morbid concucksion out, swllows the entier thing with the string of the tampon hang out of his mouth, which he spits into the tellent agent's coffee cup like a tea bag. Now for the longest time the tellent agent dosent say a word and finally he takes the used tampon out of his coffee mug, takes a sip and says it is the most facinating show he has ever seen and asks what its called. The Father replies the aristocrats. Right as the father is putting his pants back on the tellent agent asks one question: "So how did you get the special effects like that to work"

I am hopiing this is the most offensive eversion of the joke ever its not so funny as much as it is offensive: by my count it includes incestious peto-necro-fecal-cannibal-felia, lemme know if you can think of anything more offensive

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Aristocrasts

Since its almost 4 in the morning i'll make it brief: everyone has to see the Aristocrats, it is the funniest, most offensive movie ever


watch this southpark clip and tell me that its not fucked up

Saturday, July 09, 2005

At Long Last

OK I finally said fuck everything and decided to finally write a new post since its long, long over due- going to address a lot of different things as importance and as I think of them. The catalyst for me writing this is when James called me the other day (probably a week or two now) but regardless he told me Peter found his half life game around the house and was going to give it back. Paul, give me my fucking DVD back, and if you broke it give me money so I can replace it. Since me telling you this means absolutely nothing to you I will say something you do care about. You claim to be a Christian (fundamentalist from what I can see but that aside) and if that’s true there are certain things from the bible you follow like the 10 commandments. Now I know its been awhile since I read the bible but I seem to remember that one of the commandments was thou shall not steal. Now for about a year you didn’t steal it, you were just borrowing it but since you really don’t give a shit about friendship I am taking it to stealing. And I'm not just saying this to pull at your religious strings (best phrasing I can think as opposed to heartstrings) I actually took the time to talk to a preacher and his interpretation to this was yes this is stealing. So just wrap it up, put my address on it (obviously you have the address since you took several months to find it by asking everyone but me) and mail it, or give it to Peter to give to James to give to me, or whatever. Or else you are just another Christian hypocrite which fuels the source of hate for James and myself. As long as I am on the subject of hypocrisy I might as well get into the fact that I have started listening to a Madison radio station called The Mic 92.1 which is obviously very liberal but its made me come to a few realizations. First Janeane Garafalo has to be the hottest woman in America for two reasons first I think she is physically attractive but more importantly holy crap I have never heard anyone so liberal- its one of those things you actually have to listen to in order to fully understand. So I would have to say discovering this was a very good thing, being surround by the proletariat workers that don’t give a shit about politics people still do. But I digress to my one political statement of this post: since I know quite a few people that voted for the stupid dumbass in November (Stupid, James White, Jason, Paul, Hannah, Steve motherfucker, and FUP to name a few) I propose regardless of the reason you voted for him whether you would rather see a fetus live as opposed to a productive member of society or if you just plain don’t like boys fucking boys you voted for him so you have to support what he dose to some extent so I propose that every person who voted for him enlist to go war, its war, its your values you are trying to mandate so lets see you actually live up to your vote Jason you like FPS games, here is your chance do it in real life, only when you die you don’t get X number of lives. Paul, wouldn’t you love to know you helped some heathen infidel learn the infinite love of Jesus from the barrel of a gun? And to everyone else just think you would actually be able to die for a cause you lived for, and in the end isn’t that the most important thing. On that note I have a strong feeling there is going to be a draft between late 2006 and mid 2008, I do not plan on going to Iraq to fight for oil ideally I plan on going to Germany or Thailand, however if these are not able to be done I will settle with Canada. But if everything fails and am not able to do any of this I plan on going to Washington DC, walk up to the capital or Whitehouse, pouring gas over myself and lighting myself on fire. The reason for this is even after 40 years since the Vietnam war started you would be heart pressed to find a modern history textbook that doesn't mention the monk that did the same in Vietnam. I guess what I am saying is if I'm going to die I want to be remembered by my name and not by a dog tag identification or on a wall with another million names identical to mine, but of course not before taking lots of loans and going deep into debt and spending it all on booze, drugs and hookers- hell it’s the type of shit they make mini series after. One last thing then enough of politics (I'm listening to Al Frankin at the moment what do you expect) got www.barrelsofblood.com great website. To address Andera with regard to your post from when I'm not sure I realize you are not intending to drive salt in my wound however when the only thing you ever asked for advise for was in regards to James, when you saw my situation how was I supposed to take it. Regardless I am glad you confide in me with issues you have with James but it seems at times you are disillusioned with what state my life is in, which is something is something an advisee must always consider. Yes I should be more open with emotions but that is one of those things where its easier said then done. And as far as trying to have my friends help me, you have to remember where I'm coming from, every day I am surrounded by single mothers who dropped out of high school and haven’t learned anything other then how to drink and drive and cheat the welfare system. While in contrast I see you, James (both Whitemore and White), Jason, and TJ…. around people who are halfway educated and able to talk about things other then how many DUIs they have. While I admit things have gotten marginally better since college students have started working there, at least 5 of the decent ones have already quit to do other things. Though the real issue is having to live in Burlington while working in Whitewater- hopefully I will be able to go back to Whitewater but at this point who knows. Whytey’s “source” is having shortcomings and I am not sure if it will lead to disappointment, but historically I am sure it will. Which puts me back at the beginning. But regardless I have been working this for awhile now so I’ll put in a few more things and go to bed. The Fourth of July was cool however I was kind of pissed that all of Kelli’s friends (about 12 total I would say) took about 75% of the roman candles and didn’t contribute any money what so ever, in addition thanking Kelli for them, (what a shock, I was not mentioned). Next year I am passing a collection plate around and anyone who doesn't contribute money doesn't use them (Bill contributing 150$ for himself, his wife and Kelli) which is fine but to assume he contributed that for 13 people is a little insane. Next year I am calling Kelli in June and telling her if her friends don’t put in money they don’t use shit. I will give Laura some credit for bring some things but apparently Jon was being an asshole to James, and JaY-RoD I wouldn’t know because I don’t pay attention to dead people but whatever. Lastly in the World of Warcraft I am level 57 and my current hopes are that I will end up being 60 by the time everyone goes back to school. I started doing raids, so far I have done Stratholme and Blackrock Depths, hopefully I will have done more but depends on groups. I would like the do Scholomance but again depends on what I can get as far as groups are concerned, well its 3:05 in the morning and I have to be up at 8:30 to get ready for work so Going to bed, Until I get time again.

Monday, May 30, 2005

me likey posty, me likey posty

Hello everyone, its been awhile since I have posted and I figure that now I have some time to do so I might as well make a post. First order of business is after years of wait I think I am finally getting my speakers within the week. I was approved for $5000 in credit today at Abt so as soon as I get TJ or whytey to move my desk up stairs I am going to put in the order. The other great thing about that means my office is nearly done, the other major thing I need is a book shelf so I have some storage space for my books, as well as a curtain rod but that isn’t a very big deal- go to Restoration Hardware or Neimans some time after I have the exact dimensions. Next today, being memorial day I had it off from work (to which I am shocked by) so James, Andera and myself went to Illinois going to Abt, Neiman Marcus, and Woodfield, good times were had by all. Although on the drive home I was feeling what I thought was depression however after thinking about it in more depth its loneliness. Looking the people I know they are all with someone ether engaged, married, or deeply involved with someone. I'm not saying I want any or all of the above however it would be nice seeing someone who doesn't have kids and isn’t strung out on crack. I realize I have been harping on this in a good deal of my previous posts but to be quite blunt I don’t care. I see all of my friends getting engaged, dating, getting married and so on while I am alone with the only options are people like Kellie who have kids and make people like slutty look like devout Catholics. While at the same time my friends either don’t have the means/contacts to help my situation or don’t care (James and Andera for the first, Whytey for the second). In fact it seems that my life has became a joke because, you know in order for any woman to be interested in me she has to be a Russian mail order bride (thanks Andera). I'm not really ‘offended’ by the comment but at the same time I know if I made a comment of the same caliber that paradigm her life she would have been angry. But moreover I am trying to think about the validity of the statement as to what extent is that true, I was thinking about that most of the way home from WW and continuing up till right now. Not sure what conclusion I have yet. But regardless of that I have made a decision (that I originally made long ago) and that is to give the internet a serious try so I am in the process of researching the various companies now and by mid June I intend to join one of those services since I really don’t see any alternatives that are in the near future. I am contemplating including the online adult personals, James was deseeding me for awhile but I realize (then and now more then ever) he doesn't value sex much at all and I do. Beth taught me there are females out there who explore their sexuality and I want to do the same, just unsure if that’s the best way. Inline with this Andera I am not gay, and I do not think I'm bisexual simply because I don’t find guys attractive, find me a guy that’s gay/bi that I find attractive and then we’ll talk. Next topic Paul; I don’t even know if you read this anymore but if you do you obviously don’t want to be my friend because you have never called me nor texted me, when I have called and texted you (not recently because I have been waiting for you to call me) which simply hasn’t happened. I was considering calling you but given you’re married now I really don’t want to call when you have your dick up Jess’s ass but it doesn't really matter now does it. Plus don’t give me that I'm too busy bullshit because you text James regularly, and called him a few times, so I'm not buying that. I don’t want an appolgy, saying you’re a bad friend and you’ll change because you wont you had several chances to demonstrate otherwise and you never did jack shit. Also next time you see James at work, or you close followed by him opening or whatever I want my DVD back- you have had it for nearly a year and I have been quite- its funny when you let me borrow the blue shift game, I had it for a week before you started pestering to get it back, never mind I didn’t complete the game nor could I play it with out the CD. But the moral of the story is I want my DVD back ASAP, or the $25 it cost, also James doesn't have the balls to tell you so I am- give him his PS2 game Half Life back in the process. Next item on the agenda is work, it still sucks: they promoted a guy who doesn't know the difference between a half an inch and a quarter inch screw to product testing, and are contemplating promoting a guy who comes to work stoned on a regular basis but I plan on talking to HR in the coming weeks to hopefully get the situation fixed to where I have some position in the office, only downfall is I would have to go to day shift but the hours are 9-5 or 8:30-5, I may stay in the factory till second shift is over to transfer depending on pay differences. In reguards to the car: it still runs, needed a new headlight and now uses the xenon blue headlights which are cool but not sure how long the car will last. Lastly about the apartment: well my mother likes the idea but stupid doesn't, I will have to see how my pay checks good or bad my pay checks look now I have gotten my raise but with a little luck I should be out of the house by between July and September. The places I called all had apartments for rent ranging from 450 up to 788 per month divided by 2. Later in the week Whytey and I go look at them and we’ll see what happens there. Well about 2 and a half pages font size 12 single spaced- not as long as some I have posted but a lot longer then the shorter posts, will probably make another extensive post around the 4th of July since that is the next time I get off of work. Time to go to WOW (lvl 52 now, about 1/3 of the way to 53).